Turning off Shopify C-API

Turn off Shopify C-API for your store to avoid data duplication in Meta when using Angler AI's enhanced events

Angler's CAC & LTV optimization solutions require a strong signal throughout the funnel to reduce CAC and improve LTV for newly acquired customers. For that reason we recommend pairing it with Angler's Standard Events, a Meta Conversions API (C-API) integration that improves Event Match Quality (EMQ) for all events, from Page View to Purchase.

Before turning on Angler Standard Events, you should turn off the Shopify C-API connection for your store. Follow this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this.

1. Log into your Shopify Admin and navigate to Sales Channels > Facebook & Instagram

2. Navigate to the Settings tab

3. In the Share data settings, click the "Change" link

4. After authenticating to Meta, reduce your data sharing preference from Enhanced or Maximum down to Conservative

This setting will keep the browser-based Meta Pixel active on your store, but turn off the Shopify server-side C-API integration. This will enable Angler to send Standard Events without duplicating data and impacting Meta reporting.