Getting Started with Angler AI

Welcome! This page will walk you through getting started with Angler AI, in just a few simple steps.

Angler AI is an AI-powered growth platform for consumer brands, harnessing the power of their 1st and zero-party data along with powerful AI algorithms trained on consumers data along with US consumer graph of 251M+ adults (covering 98%+ adults 18+ in the country) and 4,000+ attributes that Angler has about them. Angler's identify, predict, and enrich capabilities transform your brand's raw data signals into powerful enhanced signals. Consumers brands with these enhanced signals fully leverage Ad platforms (walled gardens, programmatic, and offline channels) audience, measurement and optimization capabilities.

Angler AI has been built for ease of use within your existing workflows, and you can get started for free with our AI-powered LTV insights. Here are the basics.

  1. Connect Your Data: Angler AI needs access to your existing customer, order and advertising data as inputs for our AI models and to your Meta business ad account for us to send audiences & events. If you are a Shopify merchant, you can go here to install our Shopify app and make connecting your data very easy. For all other merchants, contact us to set up an easy data sync with our system via S3 or our Data API.
  2. Review Your Customer LTV Insights: Once we've finished the initial processing of your data (typically a few hours), we will send an email letting you know that your dashboard is available. The dashboard will show you how much more valuable your good customers are, which channels and activities are performing the best at finding you those great customers, and how to leverage Angler AI to find even more of them. Data is also automatically updated weekly so you can track your progress over time.
  3. Target High-LTV Prospects: If you're ready to activate our AI models and acquire more high-LTV customers, you can upgrade your plan. Based on our machine learning analysis, we will create a set of seed files providing Meta's algorithms with better signals for optimizing campaigns to reach high-performing customers. Those seed files will automatically be pushed to your Meta ad account with related look-a-like (LAL) segments of 3 sizes created. Run campaigns as you normally would and use your newly created segments for targeting.
  4. Track LTV Performance: Angler AI also provides you with data to better measure the impact of driving LTV across all your campaigns directly in your Meta ad account. We predict LTV for all purchases (for both new and returning customers) and provide those signals to Meta. Then you can add columns to your reporting to measure metrics like 90-day ROAS and Repurchase Rate against all campaigns that you are running (not just those using Angler AI targeting). You can then have increased confidence in how to optimize spend across your campaigns.
  5. Prospecting Segments: If you're on our Growth Suite or Enterprise plans, Angler AI can further elevate your targeting strategy by crafting high-quality custom audiences who best align with your top customer profiles from our proprietary database of 250M+ US consumers. These segments are built based on data outside of the marketing platforms’ views, so you will find new customers that are a strong fit that you would not have otherwise identified and targeted. With our audience builder tool, you'll be able to push these segments to your Meta account and you can use and track them as you would any other audience.
  6. Further Optimize and Enrich: For the sophisticated marketer, take advantage of the full Angler AI suite of products:
    1. Deep dive on your top customers with our Audience Insights tool to better understand their traits and behaviors from our 4000+ tracked demographic, interest, and purchase attribute dataset
    2. Customize your Targeting Segments by tweaking the AI models or focusing on specific traits that are valuable to your business
    3. Append Angler AI data to your CRM and other databases to bring these insights into other parts of your business