Create a New Meta Dataset

Create a new dataset ("pixel") for Meta to receive enhanced Angler events

Option 1: From Business Settings

Navigate to Meta's Business Settings

Under Data sources > Datasets, click the "Add" button

Name the new dataset (recommended name "Angler Events")

Select "Meta Pixel and Conversions API"

Click "Install code manually" (don't worry; you won't have to install any code)

Click "Cancel" to exit out of the implementation process. The dataset is already created, which is all Angler needs

Confirm cancellation

Back on the Datasets page, select the new dataset and click "Assign assets"

Select the relevant ad accounts (that you're optimizing with Angler) and click "Add"

You're all set! You have a new dataset linked to your ad account(s) for A/B testing. You can skip to the partner access guide to share this dataset with Angler.

Option 2: From Events Manager

Navigate to Meta's Events Manager

Click the (+) button to Connect Data Sources

Select "Web" data source

Name the new dataset (recommended name: "Angler Events")

Optionally provide a website URL

Select "Do it yourself" setup

Select the "Meta Pixel and Conversions API" connection option

Select "Set up manually" option for Conversions API setup

Cancel out of the Manual Implementation guide

Confirm canceling manual implementation

Done! You can now share the new dataset with Angler

What’s Next

After creating a new Meta dataset you can share it with Angler by following this guide.