Configuration of Meta Custom Events & Conversions

To Facililate Meta pLTV Measurements

Angler Custom Events

Angler is sending 4 custom events for this pLTV-based measurements.

Custom EventCustom ConversionValue Definition
Angler Purchase w/LTVAngler Purchase w/LTV (Conversion)90-day* LTV of any order (from new or returning customers), where the LTV = current order value + predicted 90-day repurchase revenue.
Angler Future LTVAngler Future LTV (Conversion)90-day* predictived repurchase revenue (excluding current order value) for an order. This order could be from a new or returning customer.
Angler New Customer Purchase w/LTVAngler New Customer Purchase w/LTV (Conversion)90-day* LTV of a new customer (customer order number = 1) , where the LTV = current order value + predicted 90-day repurchase revenue.
Angler New Customer Future LTVAngler New Customer Future LTV (Conversion)90-day* predicted repurchase revenue (excluding current order value) for an order from a new customer.

*By default LTV/repurchase revenue is estimated for future 90-days. However, if you would like to configure pLTV events for a shorter or longer window, please contact [email protected]

These custom events are expected to have the same or better event match quality (EMQ) of that of standard Purchase Event, and typically includes Facebook's marketing identifiers such as fbp and fbc. In this illustrative example below, Angler Purchase w/LTV custom event have EMQ 8.8/10.0

Similarly, Angler New Customer Future LTV also has EMQ 8.8/10.00. Please note that, under some circumstances, in particular, for subscription brands with system generated repurchase orders, it may be possible for the new customer events to have higher EMQ than all purchase events that includes system generate refill orders.

Angler Custom Conversions

Custom events must be converted to custom conversions before they can be used for measurement and optimization. Angler AI programmatically generates custom conversions from each custom events being sent. Note that you can have up to 100 custom conversions active simultaneously within a dataset. In custom conversion tabs there will be a custom conversion for every custom events that Angler sends.