Angler AI Capabilities for Consumer Brands

AI-powered Growth by Improving LTV and Reducing CAC

Angler AI has developed a full suite of capabilities for consumer brands to unlock AI-powered growth by

  • acquiring high value customers by LTV:CAC optimization
  • improving new customer acquisition unit economics by lowering CAC

These objectives are supported by the following suite of capabilities as below

Angler AI OfferingWhat Does it Do?Objective: Improve LTV:CACObjective: Reduce CAC
InsightsActionable AI-powered insights about your customers and prospectsCustomer Insights (Diagnose | Target | Growth)Audience Insights (Growth)
EnrichSignal restoration: a superior alternative to Shopify C-API (higher EMQ, lower CAC)Replace Shopify C-API for standard events (Target | Growth)Replace Shopify C-API for standard events (Target | Growth)
MeasureMeasure LTV:CAC across all campaigns, ads creatives; making scaling & optimization decisionsMeasure new & returning customers LTV in Ads Manager (Target | Growth)N/A
ActivateScale spend with Angler's predictive custom audiences & platform LAL with predictive seedHigh LTV segments Custom audience: (Growth), Platform LAL: (Target | Growth)High Propensity segments Custom audience: (Growth), Platform LAL: (Target | Growth)
OptimizeBetter & faster ad auction training with Meta's Custom Event Optimization (CEO)CEO with high LTV prospects & customers (Growth)CEO for high propensity prospects (Growth)

Within parenthesis showing Angler subscription tiers for which the said capability is available. Our subscription tiers and pricing details are here. Please contact [email protected] for more details.